Vols and Mixed CDs


While driving to Knoxville to visit family for Thanksgiving, I was trying to think of a particular memory of Mica that Erin had asked me to share. As the local radio stations were fading out, I remembered I had some loose cd’s I could listen to and what do ya know I found mine and Mica’s mix cd from a trip we took to watch the Vols play in 2006.


I put in the cd and began to get teary eyed …  And then started laughing at the thought of crying at a rap song- it was like she was right there laughing with me.




399888_10100525620758675_9412607_52345822_387782710_nThis is one of my favorite pictures of her! She was so funny on this trip! Always making me laugh! She said it was a “wrinkley ole dog.”


Please consider donating $31 in Honor of what would have been Mica’s 31st Birthday (Dec. 15) to our efforts to raise awareness of Suicide Prevention & Promote Animal Adoptions! http://www.cfmt.org/give/teammica/