“My Memory of Mica” by Sharon Massey


One of the many pageants, Sharon (left) and Mica (right).

Well let’s see we all have so many memories of Mica Lynn that we could all probably write a book. I remember all of us girls getting ready for Homecoming and showing our Tiger pride. I remember riding her go cart in the dew every weekend morning, pool days at the country club, dance recitals, sleepovers, the Methodist Church dances, and the many pageants we entered together and our love for them.

But I chose to tell my funny memory of Mica, one nobody knows….

My first sleepover at Mica’s house Aunt Randi was tucking us into bed, except there was something a little odd about the whole thing we were getting in bed, but we were getting in at the foot of the bed. As a 7 year old, I asked Mica why are we sleeping this way? Her reply was I’m a Princess and we are rich, we have so much money and this is the way that rich people sleep. So I laid there processing what that meant with my little 7 year old mind.

Then the next morning Randi was making her wonderful cinnamon rolls and I haven’t a clue where Mica was but I asked Randi how Mica became a princess and just how much money did they have?………………..

Randi laughed and said WHAT? So I told her what Mica told me the night before. She laughed again and said Ohhhhh Hunny… Mica is a princess in her Daddy’s eyes, but we are by no means rich… you see Mica didn’t like to sleep at the head of the bed because she couldn’t see her parent’s but by sleeping at the foot of the bed she could see right into their room. So even as a 7 year old little girl she always wanted to keep her little precious eyes on her parent’s… This is my memory!


Sharon’s daughter, Adalay, winning Queen for the Tiny Tot Miss BCHS Hope. Adalay’s first pageant.

Please consider donating $31 in Honor of what would have been Mica’s 31st Birthday (Dec. 15) to our efforts to raise awareness of Suicide Prevention & Promote Animal Adoptions! http://www.cfmt.org/give/teammica/