“A Day I Will Never Forget” by Phillip Roberts

JillipnMicaIt’s December 16th, a little over a week from Christmas and a day that changed my life forever. On that day in December, the unimaginable happened. One of my very best friends committed suicide. I remember getting the call that something happened and I needed to call Mica. So I called her and no answer. I called again, same result. One of our other best friends, who is a like a mother to us all, was my next phone call. I dialed her number and kept thinking this is a dream. The phone rang a couple of times and she finally answered. I will never forget her voice on that December night and her next words, Mica had committed suicide.

Anyone who knew Mica would tell you she was perfect. I have heard someone say, if GOD created everyone equal, she was the exception. She was very outgoing and loved to help anyone in need, whether she knew you or not. She had always been there for me and someone I knew I could trust when things weren’t going my way. She would always tell me, tomorrow the sun would come up and it would be a brand new day. Little did I know on that December evening, my life would be turned upside down due to Suicide. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and why this happened. Truth is, no one knows but her and the man upstairs. There were no signs of trouble to me. Nothing to make you think she was having a hard time. She was Mica. She was my best friend. She was a loving person who had everything going for her. In my mind she was perfect. That’s how I will always remember her.

Please consider donating $31 in Honor of what would have been Mica’s 31st Birthday (Dec. 15) to our efforts to raise awareness of Suicide Prevention & Promote Animal Adoptions! http://www.cfmt.org/give/teammica/